Collaborating with local schools


At scosa we work closely with many schools in a variety of ways.

We work with a range of schools who cater for the needs of people living with disabilities and in particular, we focus on supporting those people transitioning from school to adult life. This transition period can be a difficult time for all of us, and for people with disabilities there are often added factors that can make this time quite challenging, but we are here to help!

Through the intervention provided by our Client Services team and in particular, Steve Wales, who oversees our community engagement activities, we are seeing some very positive results in terms of making this shift more easy and manageable.

On another front, we also work with a growing number of schools around South Australia to support their disability awareness programs. As an example, this year scosa participants from our Modbury, Elizabeth Park and Wynn Vale Hubs have been teaming up with students from St Paul’s College at Gilles Plains as part of that school’s Disability Awareness curriculum.

Those participants representing scosa explain what it is like to live with a disability in very practical terms so that students from St Paul’s are in a better position to appreciate some of the obstacles that people with disability must overcome on a day to day basis. In turn, the students from St Paul’s College take our participants for a tour around the school and they then participate in an activity together which the students prepare.

The students engaged in the program, whether they are from St Paul’s College or another school, cannot help but be inspired by the resilience and genuine enthusiasm for life that people living with disabilities demonstrate.

Have a watch of this video to learn more about our Social Inclusion Program with St Paul’s College.