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Maya scosa van June 2020

Your gift will help Maya and people like her develop their independence and keep them safe.

Twenty-one-year-old Maya loves socialising, art class, keeping fit, swimming, and community outings with her friends.

But Maya’s mum, Noonie is worried. Maya doesn’t understand the dangers of crossing the road and being in the water.

Maya loves to be independent. We need your help to keep her safe.

Due to COVID-19, people like Maya have been impacted by the loss of group activities and support that is so essential for safety, health, happiness and wellbeing.

Many of Maya’s friends are not currently attending scosa as their families have made the difficult decision to keep their loved ones at home. 

There has been a significant reduction in demand for our services in response to COVID-19, but we are determined to keep our hubs open so Maya and others like her can continue to receive crucial support during these unprecedented times. But this comes at a cost.

We want Maya and every scosa participant to enjoy the fun and interaction of activities and tailored support to achieve their goals. Can we count on your help?

“The biggest concern about the pause of activities is that Maya was doing so well learning about safety, both around roads and traffic and near the water,” said Noonie.

“Maya doesn’t understand the danger of being near the road and in the community. She doesn’t remember to stop at the kerb, or know how to walk safely through a carpark. She loves to swim, but doesn’t yet understand the dangers of the water.”

Like all parents, Noonie wants to give Maya every opportunity to be independent and fulfil her potential – but she knows she can’t give Maya that future without specialist care and support.

“scosa changes lives for people like my daughter, Maya and their families. I cannot imagine our life without scosa. If you are able to make a donation, on behalf of Maya and her friends, I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

We need your help to give Maya and scosa participants like her, the support needed to keep safe and achieve their goals. Will you please help us?

Yes, I want to help scosa participants at this critical time to keep them safe.

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$35will buy an art and craft set for our participants to enjoy and learn new skills$71will support increased cleaning costs at our hubs to keep participants safe.$117will help fund vital devices to teach participants how to communicate and stay safe
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