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From where it all began

For scosa participant Paul Bennier, his memories of scosa date right back to when he was a young child. Paul has been attending scosa for the majority of his life and has witnessed first-hand the evolution of scosa.

We sat down with Paul and asked him to tell us about some of his fondest memories at scosa.

” I enjoyed coming to scosa when I was younger and I used to sleep at the Woodville Special School. I remember that the teachers we had were very good. We used to go out and about and I very much enjoyed swimming and cooking. I had a lot of friends and the teachers were my favourite.”

Paul is 47 years old and has really developed his skills and formed many positive friendships during his life at scosa. He is very well known for his kind and caring nature and although he has faced his own life challenges, he is always positive and smiling.

30 years on and Paul is still accessing scosa’s services and enjoying the range of programs and activities on offer. He currently attends our Thebarton Hub and has aspirations to access other Hubs so that he can continue to meet new people.

“At the moment I really enjoy bowling and I still like cooking a lot. I also really enjoy Performability.

I am a part of the leadership group and have learnt a lot about how to be a good leader and have enjoyed making some new friends. I also really like going out on the boat with scosa during the Summer months (our Sailability Program).

Coming to scosa makes me feel good. I have lots of good memories here.”

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