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Pina’s story

Hi! My name is Pina and I am married to Andrew. We have two children, Anthony aged 20 and Caitlin, aged 13.
I want to tell you a little bit about my family and the vital role that scosa plays in our lives.

Andrew works as a storeman while I work as an office administrator. Caitlin is in grade 7 at school while Anthony, who lives with autism, attends scosa’s West Croydon Hub 5 days a week.

I drop Anthony off to scosa each morning and it’s never a problem getting him into the car as he really enjoys going there. It’s completely opposite to when he was at school which he didn’t like – the more regimented structure of schooling really didn’t suit him.

scosa, on the other hand, is much more relaxed and informal and he thrives in this kind of environment. My husband and I have noticed that he has more confidence since he started coming to scosa. He does things that he would never have done previously, for instance last summer he went sailing with scosa and he absolutely loved it. There is no way he would have done that with us!

At a more basic level, we’ve also noticed that Anthony’s speech has been continually improving, while he is also reading more than we ever thought possible. I guess you don’t notice it on a day to day basis, but when I compare him now to 18 months ago when he first started scosa, Anthony’s development over this period has been quite incredible. This has had a really positive impact on our family life and it has made us feel very proud of him.

As a particularly active young man, Anthony benefits greatly from the many programs and activities that scosa offers outside of the Hub. He loves bowling and anything to do with music and dance. He knows his weekly schedule like the back of his hand and he is especially keen to get to scosa on those days when music and dance are involved – he virtually jumps into the car those mornings.

Anthony is also a member of the Titans, which is a special program for young men with autism. The group spends time together doing various activities, such as bushwalking and mini-golf, that are aimed at expending energy and developing socially acceptable behaviours. I think it’s great that he is able to spend time with young men of his own age and I have noticed that he increasingly refers to his friends at scosa which is so nice to hear.

In addition to his personal development, the benefit of Anthony attending scosa extends way beyond what most people would imagine. I am able to hold down a permanent part time job which is really important from a household income perspective. Supporting our family on just one income would be practically impossible.
It also means that as a family we have some respite time, because when Anthony is at home he tends to receive much of our attention. It’s especially important that we are also able to find time for our daughter Caitlin.
“Andrew and I are very pleased with our decision to have Anthony attend scosa. Seeing him become more independent is fabulous and it makes us have increasing confidence in his future. Our boy is growing into a young man and that is really exciting!”


We invite you to make a tax deductible donation to support our life changing services at scosa.

$50 will pay for a small group to attend a local Do it Yourself (DIY) activity session
Our participants at scosa love doing DIY projects. A morning on the tools is a great way to develop motor skills and promote small group interaction which supports the formation of new friendships and encourages confidence and self-esteem.

$100 will enable a day’s outing for a larger group of scosa participants
Your donation will give a group of people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in some great activities in their local communities, such as a visit to a local sport and recreation centre, a trip to the Adelaide Zoo or a shopping excursion to the Adelaide Central Market to stock up on supplies for our popular cooking classes.

$250 will support a participant to be part of the scosa Maximum Potential Leadership Group in 2017-18
This fabulous small-group leadership program is challenging our participants at scosa to chase their dreams and develop new life pathways. The eight month intensive program covers topics including goal setting, self-awareness, skill identification and public speaking, while also acting as an important tool to promote the formation of new friendships.

$500 will enable us to provide much needed capital items to energise our scosa Hubs
Most of the items in our scosa Hubs are subject to heavy wear and tear and many Hubs need new dining tables, BBQ’s and computer equipment. Your donation will have a very practical and visual impact which will enhance the lives of many!

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$50will pay for a small group to attend a local DIY activity session$100will enable a day outing for a larger group of scosa participants$250will support a participant to be part of the scosa Maximum Potential Leadership Group in 2017-18$500will enable us to provide much needed capital items to energise our scosa HubsotherPlease nominate an amount:

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