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Ayden’s story

We sat down with an inspiring young man by the name of Ayden who started with scosa in January 2017. Ayden attends our Elizabeth Park Hub from Monday to Friday and in a very short space of time, his enthusiasm and zest for life has had a contagious effect, bringing a smile to everyone who comes into contact with him.

At a young age, Ayden was diagnosed with Leigh’s disease, a rare inherited neurometabolic disorder that affects the central nervous system. He is non-verbal, however his excellent use of computer technology enables Ayden to communicate very effectively.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Ayden

I am 18 years old and I have two sisters, two brothers, my mum and my step-dad. We live not far away at Smithfield. At home we have two canaries and two cockatiels, who often sit on my shoulder and they like to talk. I love birds and would like to get another canary and also a blue parrot.

Can you tell us a little bit about your time at scosa?

I started coming to scosa a few months ago after I finished school last year at Salisbury High School. It makes me very happy to come to scosa and my favourite activities involve using computers and the iPad. I love using technology, and my most favourite activity is Minecraft*. I think the scosa staff are quite impressed with my skills!

*Minecraft is a hugely popular video game, with the creative aspect enabling players to build constructions and resources in a 3D generated world.

At scosa i also have been learning to cook as part of a cooking group, and I enjoy this very much. Sam, who is one of the staff members here at scosa, is going to teach me how to make a very good curry!

Each morning I am picked up by John or Ki who both work at scosa. They are like my friends and I really like seeing them when I start my day. Ki had her 21st birthday not long ago and I bought her some special flowers.

Do you have any special friends at scosa?

I don’t have any one special friend at scosa, I feel that everyone here is my friend. This includes the other people who come to scosa and the staff. I have fun with all of them.

Have you achieved anything special recently at scosa?

I made a new birdhouse and painted it blue which was pretty special. It looks very cool!

What about your long term goals Ayden?

My dream is to work in information technology one day. I have good skills in this area and it is something I really love doing. It would be fantastic to work in IT!

We also spoke with Ayden’s mother, Kylie, about how he was going since transitioning to scosa.

“He really likes it and I like it that he seems to get on so well with the staff and the other people that he comes into contact with on a daily basis here at the Hub. It’s a big step leaving school, and scosa has helped to make the changeover very smooth which has been very reassuring.

I really hope that people will donate to scosa because they do such fabulous work and they also have a very positive impact on our family life which is so important.”

We invite you to make a tax deductible donation so that scosa can support more young people like Ayden to follow their dreams.

$50 will pay for a small group to attend a local Do it Yourself (DIY) activity session
Our participants at scosa love doing DIY projects. A morning on the tools is a great way to develop motor skills and promote small group interaction which supports the formation of new friendships and encourages confidence and self-esteem.

$100 will enable a day’s outing for a larger group of scosa participants
Your donation will give a group of people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in some great activities in their local communities, such as a visit to a local sport and recreation centre, a trip to the Adelaide Zoo or a shopping excursion to the Adelaide Central Market to stock up on supplies for our popular cooking classes.

$250 will support a participant to be part of the scosa Maximum Potential Leadership Group in 2017-18
This fabulous small-group leadership program is challenging our participants at scosa to chase their dreams and develop new life pathways. The eight month intensive program covers topics including goal setting, self-awareness, skill identification and public speaking, while also acting as an important tool to promote the formation of new friendships.

$500 will enable us to provide much needed capital items to energise our scosa Hubs
Most of the items in our scosa Hubs are subject to heavy wear and tear and many Hubs need new dining tables, BBQ’s and computer equipment. Your donation will have a very practical and visual impact which will enhance the lives of many!

Yes, I would like to make a difference

$50will pay for a small group to attend a local DIY activity session$100will enable a day outing for a larger group of scosa participants$250will support a participant to be part of the scosa Maximum Potential Leadership Group in 2017-18$500will enable us to provide much needed capital items to energise our scosa HubsotherPlease nominate an amount:

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