Why are life skills important?

One of our main goals at scosa is to work with people with physical and intellectual disabilities to enhance their skills and maximise their independence. Learning valuable life skills plays a key role in enabling people with disabilities to participate in an inclusive community and better meet the challenges of everyday life.

Our participants may want to learn how to shop independently, which includes learning to use money and even how to get to the supermarket on their own with public transport. Perhaps they want to learn how to safely make a cup of coffee or prepare a nutritious meal. Others will be more interested in developing their information technology skills so that one day they may be able to apply these skills in the workforce. Whatever it may be, we appreciate that everyone is different – we all have different abilities and motivations and our focus is to work with each person at an individual level to open up new opportunities and life pathways.

Check out this video to hear more from scosa participant Cassie as she talks about some of the life skills she has developed while being at scosa.