Positive Behaviour Support  

Positive Behaviour Support

In line with the latest research and evidence, we focus on positive behaviour support as a mechanism to address challenging behaviour, where our focus is on reinforcement of positive actions and interactions.

In keeping with one of our core scosa values to be pro-active, our focus is on pre-empting, or anticipating challenging behaviours with a view to preventing them from happening in the first place.

You can be part of the scosa Titans!

scosa’s Titans Program is an example of an initiative targeted towards young men and women, mainly in their late teens and early 20s, who are living with autism. Following a lengthy trial phase, the Titans has expanded to provide important intervention and positive behaviour support in a wide range of community settings, including at shopping centres, sport and recreation venues and other local attractions.

The tailored support which is provided in individual and small group settings, is having a profound and positive impact on those participating and also their families.

If you or someone in your family could benefit from positive behaviour support, we encourage you to contact scosa to learn more about a tailored support package that’s right for you. 

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