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Make a Donation

Do you want to a make a difference and enable South Australians living with disabilities to reach their full potential?

Our aim is to provide all people who participate at scosa the same kind of opportunities that most of us take for granted – whether it be having the opportunity to learn how to paint, discovering how to cook a delicious stir-fry after first visiting the Adelaide Central Market to purchase ingredients, or the option to go to the gym with our friends to keep fit and healthy.

Your donation can make such a difference! 

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$50will pay for a small group to attend a local Do it Yourself (DIY) activity session$100will provide personalised support to teach essential life skills like cooking a meal$250will support one participant to be a part of our Maximum Potential Leadership Group
$500will enable us to provide much needed capital items to energise our scosa HubsotherPlease nominate an amount:

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