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Make a Donation

Your gift will help vulnerable people with respiratory issues and compromised health. 

We must keep them safe.

It is hard to believe we are in the middle of a devastating pandemic. Every day, we are witnessing unprecedented changes to our society and the way we live, due to COVID-19.

Our society is being bombarded by heartbreaking scenes of panic buying due to heightened anxiety and fear. Businesses are closed, thousands of people are jobless and communities have been forced apart, isolated in a desperate attempt to slow the infection.

Now more than ever, we sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. This is a very important time for us all to stay safe at home, check in on each other and look after the most vulnerable members of our community – including the people my team and I serve.

The team at scosa, now supported by their colleagues at Novita, are working hard to ensure that while the pandemic continues, we can still deliver high quality, impactful services, therapy and vital support to our community. But as you well know, this is not ‘business as usual’.

Things have changed. We are no longer able to live as we were, and the landscape is changing rapidly every day.

The impact of this crisis is widespread and devastating. The scosa team has been forced to make some difficult decisions. The need to keep our community safe has touched every single service and therapy we offer.

scosa participants need our help now more than ever; vulnerable adults with respiratory issues and compromised health are our top priority. We must keep them safe.

We can no longer run group sessions. Therapy and treatments have been adapted to take place via telehealth and in the home, a decision that has wide-ranging implications for our resources and staff team. Some other programs and activities have had to cease.

In these ever-changing times, we are committed to running the highest quality, specialist programs possible. We are working around the clock to find innovative ways to provide support – but these changes to our service delivery come at a cost.

Right now, your support is needed urgently.

scosa has faced many challenges in our history, but we have prevailed, thanks to the enduring support of people like you, and our shared commitment and passion to ensure every scosa participant has the very best of care.

Your gift will make a very real and tangible difference for people living with disability and their families during these uncertain times.

There has never been a time quite like this. You may be facing challenges of your own. Do what you can – what is right for you!

Join with us in hoping that soon, we can venture outside again without fear and scosa participants will feel the freedom and joy they so deserve. Be kind – we will get through this together.

Your loyalty means so much. Hopefully you are well, and safe.

Yes, I want to help scosa participants at this critical time to continue to achieve their life goals.

Your donation can make such a difference! 

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$35will pay for an art and craft set for one of our participants to enjoy$97will support the purchase of a pack of sanitising gel to help protect our participants and staff during COVID-19$250will enable one participant to be part of our Maximum Potential Leadership Program in 2020-21
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