Nominate scosa for in memoriam donations 

Nominate scosa for In Memoriam Donations

When someone close to you passes away, a gift to scosa can be a meaningful tribute to your loved one while also supporting those in our community living with disability.

How to organise a donation collection at a funeral?

In the event of a passing of a loved one, we can assist you to invite your guests to make a tax deductible donation to scosa rather than giving flowers at a funeral.

We can work with your funeral director to have donation envelopes made available at the funeral service and if required, some brochures on hand outlining the work that we do at scosa. Some families also ask if a staff member from scosa can be present at the service and we are pleased to be able to accommodate this request.

scosa is able to provide the family of the deceased with a list of names of all those persons who made a donation in memory of the person’s life that is being celebrated.

How to inform funeral guests to donate in lieu of flowers

If you would like friends and mourners to make a donation to scosa in lieu of flowers, you may wish to advise of this in the Funeral Notice which typically appears in the local newspaper, such as The Advertiser in Adelaide.

Suggested wording is as follows:

In lieu of flowers, you are invited to make a donation to scosa at the funeral service or send by mail to: scosa, PO Box 2438, Regency Park SA 5942. 

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Contact scosa to find out more about our services and how you can get involved.