Communication & Technology

Communication and Technology

Communicating effectively

At scosa, we believe everyone has the ability to communicate with others. We will support you to explore verbal and non-verbal techniques using adaptive technology such as iPads, to develop your ability to engage and communicate more effectively.

We offer both individual and small group settings to develop your communication skills, drawing on expert resources to enhance your learning capacity. Importantly, we provide you with interesting experiences to put your training into practice, such as at the Central Market where you will be in charge of choosing what vegetables to buy and then pay for them!

We will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills in a wide variety of situations. For those of you who are particularly brave, we encourage you to consider public speaking, as there are many events and forums where your voice should be heard and your opinions valued.

Technologies for learning

At scosa we are using a variety of new technologies to provide you with a diverse range of activities to pursue your personal interests. Whatever your interests may be, our iPads act as a great tool to facilitate many educational, interactive and developmental activities.

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