group-and-individualised-supportIndividualised & Group Support

scosa offers both individualised and group support and we encourage you to come and speak with us about your needs and interests.

Individualised Support

Individualised support, where you are provided with direct one to one care, can be accessed within a number of settings, including our community Hubs, your own home and a range of recreational facilities. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will work together with you to arrange a package of services which best suit your preferences.

Individualised support

One of the main advantages of individualised support is that there is always someone on-hand to work alongside you as you strive to achieve your goals and develop new skills. This can be particularly beneficial if you have more complex support needs. At the same time, even though you are obtaining individualised support, you have the opportunity to participate in a communal environment, where you are interacting with other people while doing the things of greatest interest to you.

Group Support

scosa also provides a range of activities in small group settings where, by way of example, one of our staff members might support three people to take a trip to the local gym or nearby arts centre. One of the main advantages of group support is there tends to be closer interaction with other scosa participants, which enables you to develop closer friendships and networks with other people that participate in life at scosa.

Group Support

You may also consider the opportunity to access both individualised and group supports. As an example, you may prefer to access individualised support to learn how to use technologies in your own home, while electing to have group support for activities such as going shopping or heading out to the nearby bowling alley.

Contact us to learn more

Contact scosa to find out more about our services and how you can get involved.