Leisure & Community 

Leisure and Community

Do you want to become more involved in your local community? Do you want to have fun, learn new skills and make new friends?

scosa is very active in our local communities right across Adelaide and also in Willaston/Gawler, Clare and Port Pirie. The activities we offer are diverse and are designed around feedback we receive from our existing scosa participants and their family members.

Whether you love sport, or if you are more into the arts such as painting and dancing, or perhaps you want to improve your computer skills, we will work with you to develop a package of services and activities of greatest interest to you.

Some of our activities are provided in our scosa Hubs, while many take place in community settings and venues including:

  • learning and education centres
  • sport and leisure centres
  • art and craft studios
  • parks and gardens
  • shopping precincts
  • cafés and hotels
  • local schools
  • libraries
  • concert halls
  • local attractions

There are many positive benefits and outcomes associated with our leisure and community activities that include:

  • increased social and community participation
  • new opportunities for socialisation
  • improved communication skills
  • enhanced mental health and wellbeing
  • increased confidence and self-esteem
  • increased understanding of appropriate behaviours in public places
  • understanding and acceptance of social norms

With greater flexibility under the NDIS we will work with you to design a package of scosa services that meet your needs and expectations. 

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