Life Skills & Education 

One of our main goals at scosa is to work with you to develop your skills and increase your independence.

We appreciate that everyone is different – we all have different abilities and motivations and our focus is to work with you at a personal level to open up new opportunities and life pathways.

scosa offers a wide range of educational programs and activities to develop your life skills including:

  • language, literacy and numeracy
  • leadership development
  • accessing public transport
  • learning to shop
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • learning with games

For instance you may want to learn how to shop independently, which might include learning to use money and even how to get to the supermarket on your own with public transport.

There are many positive benefits and outcomes associated with our life skills programs that include:

  • increased social and community participation
  • improved communication skills
  • improved language development
  • increased reading capacity
  • enhanced budgetary and money management skills
  • increased understanding of hygiene and safety
  • improved fine motor skills
  • enhanced sensory stimulation
  • increased concentration
  • enhanced mental health and wellbeing
  • increased confidence and self-esteem

At scosa we will help you to identify the areas in your life that you wish to develop. Whether it be purely to maximise your independence, or maybe to prepare you for the opportunity to undertake further studies, we will be there to listen, mentor and support you.

Maximum Potential Leadership Program

In 2015 we introduced our exciting new Maximum Potential Leadership Program. Importantly for you, the program will be ongoing and each year will provide an opportunity for a new group at scosa to participate.

This initiative involves a small group of people engaging in a relatively intense eight month program that focuses on improving communication skills, building confidence and self-esteem, encouraging aspirational goal setting and building individual capacity.

You will enjoy experiences such as a visit to Parliament House during sitting time, a motivational session with the Port Adelaide Football Club, training in public speaking, and workplace experiences with some of our scosa corporate partners.

In keeping with one of scosa’s core values which is fun, you will be challenged with your scosa peers in an environment that encourages interaction, laughter and respectful questioning of one another.

“Even though I am shy, I really enjoy public speaking. I have been working with scosa who are building my confidence, and not long ago I even spoke to a room with 100 people and made everyone laugh at my jokes.”       Sogna, West Croydon Hub

“My goal is to not let my disability get in the way.”
Jessica, Elizabeth Park Hub 

Have a watch of the below video to learn more about the recent Maximum Potential Leadership Program.

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