occupational therapyOccupational Therapy

scosa provides a range of services that focus on personal wellbeing. Occupational therapy is proving to be very beneficial for a growing number of our participants, with outcomes including greater focus and concentration, improved independent living skills and enhanced confidence and self-esteem.

Occupational therapy begins with an assessment of an individual’s physical and mental functioning, which is important in an individual’s ability to perform a task. The therapist may pay attention to physical, visual, sensory, physiological and social observations.

By receiving occupational therapy, our participants are able to participate more fully in the life that they choose, while also preventing disruptions in their day to day living. We are very encouraged with the results we are seeing to date, with therapy recipients being more fully engaged in a range of activities, both within our Hubs and out in the community. We hope in time that with further exposure to occupational therapy, a growing number of our participants will look to engage in tertiary education and part-time employment.

There are many positive benefits and outcomes associated with occupational therapy. Our occupational therapist can help you with:

  • Independent living skills such as meal preparation and establishing healthy routines
  • Skill development for home, work or in a social setting
  • Improved access to your community such as supporting you to take public transport
  • Group activities that match your personal goals
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Identification of your sensory needs
  • Equipment and home modifications
  • Job readiness

After an assessment, an occupational therapist will liaise with you, other professionals, carers and family members to help develop a treatment plan that suits you.

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