Social Inclusion 

Social Inclusion

One of our main goals at scosa is to ensure people with disabilities are given every opportunity to enjoy more meaningful participation in their communities.

We will work with you to understand what sort of activities are important to you, so that you feel valued as someone contributing to your local community.

Social inclusion also means working with others in our community to break down barriers to inclusion, and in particular scosa has a commitment to changing attitudes by working with councils, local industry and schools to enact positive change.

Inclusion has different forms

What does inclusion mean to you?

Social inclusion means belonging to your community and scosa will work with you at a personal level to understand what activities you enjoy participating the most in your local area. For instance we recognise that for some, what is more important is the opportunity to have meaningful, lasting friendships, and scosa can certainly help you with this.

For others, social inclusion might mean becoming a political voice in the local community, or even an industry advocate to foster more meaningful employment opportunities for people living with disabilities. Through our education programs and close contact with local industry, we can also provide you with engaging workplace experiences.

Mechanisms to facilitate inclusion

scosa has been operating in South Australia since 1950, and we have been strong advocates for greater social inclusion for decades. We already work with local councils, in particular, to facilitate greater inclusion, including improving access to community sporting facilities, libraries and other learning centres.

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