The Arts 

Are you interested in developing your artistic talents while having fun and making new friends? scosa offers a wide range of programs to develop your skills including:

  • music therapy
  • painting
  • mosaics
  • dance therapy
  • photography
  • singing

Many of our staff have great artistic flare and would love to share their skills and knowledge with you. On other occasions, we work with specialists such as registered Music Therapists to provide you with unique and exciting experiences.

We have many events where you can come together with your scosa friends and your family to showcase your talents, such as our performability concert, a fun-filled day of acting, music, dance and performances.

More recently, a growing number of people have chosen to participate in new activities introduced, including photography, which teaches you how to take the perfect shot and upload your images onto a computer.

There are many positive benefits and outcomes associated with our art therapy programs that include:

  • enhanced sensory stimulation
  • enhanced means to communicate
  • increased relaxation
  • increased fine motor skills
  • improved concentration
  • enhanced mental health and wellbeing
  • greater confidence and self-esteem
  • increased social and community participation

If you have an interest in particular arts, we will work with you to ensure you are given every opportunity to develop your abilities in a fun environment while at the same time making new friends. We also provide accessible technology and equipment to support people living with physical disabilities to pursue their interests and follow their creative passions.

Sound like fun? Contact us to learn more. 

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